FCC 认证程序-Permit But Ask Procedure(允许但需要询问程序)

Permit But Ask Procedure-是指认证通过TCB来申请,TCB认证后发证书,但在发证书前TCB需要将申请资料交由FCC审核的程序。
需要进行Permit But Ask Procedure的产品包括:
1. FM band modulators / transmitters operating under 15.239 of the FCC rules;
2. Devices that have modes not defined in ‘3G’ guidance in KDB Publication #865664;
3. All ‘4G’ devices;
4. WiMax and 802.16 devices operating in the various bands
5. New devices proposed to operate under the various Part 27 rules, e.g. AWS, BRS, EBS, etc.;
6. Devices that require SAR and have normal-use only at either hands, wrists, feet, or ankles, and do not have other body-worn or held-to-ear use.

1) How does this device operate?

2) Provide information on the device and its antenna.

3) How is it installed?

4) What test procedure was used?

5) If tested in a car, how was it configured/tested? At the present time, FM transmitters (subject to 15.239) tested in vehicles must also be tested on a test table. Provide both sets of data. All data must be compliant

6) Was the tuning range properly verified? The test lab should indicate in the report that the tuning controls were manually adjusted to verify maximum tuning range.

7) Was the bandwidth properly tested with maximum audio input? Use a typical audio file from a typical device. e.g. Do not use a 1 kHz signal from a signal generator.

8) Provide the test report.

| Posted: 2007-07-19 10:09