Agilent 86106B

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Agilent 86106B#维修#86106B租售8
Agilent 86106B28 GHz Optical/40 GHz Electrical Plug-In ModuleThe Agilent 86106B has an integrated calibrated optical channel with a built-in OC-192/STM-64 filter that can be switched in for a standards-baxse transmitter compliance test. When the filter is switched out the 86106B offers 28 GHz of 

E4980A-101 2000 2001 2306 2400 2401 2500 2502 2510 2700 6485 6487 7001 9901 81250 tek 80e9 05-LHP-211 06-LPM-820-065 06-LPM-851-050 11713B 11896A 11982A 1936-C 1936-R 228B 2500INT-2-Ge 2500-LV 2936-C 3 V (DC + peak AC) 33220A 3325B 34401A 34405A 34903A 34970A 3499B 4200A-SCS 4200A-SCS-PKB 4200A-SCS半导参数#分析仪#"4200A-SCS-PKA 4200-BTI-A 4200-PA:一个预#放大器# 4201-SMU:两个用于高容量设置的中#功率# SMU 4215-CVU:一个高分辨率多频 C-V 单元 428A 5305 TECSource 54750A 54754A 5500A 6236B 6284A 6487A 6517A 6612C 6624A 70004A 7011-C 70950B 70951A 70952B 80A02 80C01 80C03 80C04-CR2 80C07B 80C07B-CR1 80C07-CR1 80C08C-CR4 80C09-CR1 80C10B 80C10C 80C11 80C11B 80C11-CR4 80C12 80C15 81000FA FC/PC 81000FI 8101-PIV:一个带有采样装置的#测试#夹具    8110A 81130A 81250A 81250A ParBERT 81480A 8151B 81521B 81524A 81525A 81530A 81531A 81532A 81533A 81533B 81534A 81536A 8153A 81551MM 81552SM 81554SM 81560A 8156A 81570A 81571A 81576A 81578A 81578B 8157A 8158B 81591B 81594B 81595B 81600B 81610A 81613A 81614A 81618A 81619A 81622B 81623A 81624A 81624B 81625A 81626B 81628C 81630B 81632A 81633A 81633B 81634A 81634B 81635A 81636B 8163A 8163B 81640A 8164A 8164B 81654A 81656A 81657A 81662A 8166A 8166B 8167A 8167B 81680A 81680B 81682A 81689A 8168A 8168B 8168C 8168D 8168E 8168F 8169A 818-I 818P-020-12 818-SL 81940A 81949A 81950A 81960A 81980A 81989A 819D-SL-3.3-CAL 82357B 82A04 83402C 83410B 83411C 83430A 83433A 83437A 83438A 83440C 83446A 83480A 83483A 83484A 83485A 83485B 83486A 83491A 83493A 83494A 83495A 83496A 83496B 8455A-969 8504A 8509B 8560E 8565EC 8594E 86038B 86061C 86062C 86100A 86100B 86100C 86100D 86101A 86102A 86103A 86103B 86105A 86105B 86105C 86105D 86106A 86106B 86107A 86108B 86109A 86109B 86112A 86115D 86116B 86116C 86120A 86120B 86120C 86122A 86122B 86122C 86130A 86140B 86141B 86142A 86142B 86143B 86145A 86145B 86146B 87106D 8714B 8714ET Advantest AD7461 Advantest R6552 AEDFA-L-DWDM-F-EX1-22-B-FC AEDFA-PKT-DWDM-15-B-FA AFG3252 AFL PowerCleave Agilent 33502A Agilent 34902A Agilent 34903A Agilent 3499A Agilent 5517D Agilent 81490A Agilent 8164A Agilent 8164B Agilent 83492A Agilent 83623B Agilent 86113A Agilent 86143B Agilent 8753C Agilent E3646A Agilent E3648A Agilent E4861A Agilent E5062A Agilent E5071C Agilent E6171B Agilent E8257D Agilent N1076A Agilent N2276A Agilent N4906B Agilent N7782B Agilent N7783B Agilent81250A并行误码仪 AI9302A AI9302B AI9508A AI9801A AI98S×32A Ando AQ2730 Ando AQ2733 Ando AQ2743 Ando AQ4211 Ando AQ4213 Ando AQ4215 Ando AQ6315B Ando AQ7315 Anritsu MS9740B Anritsu MU181020A Anritsu? MU181000A ANT-20SE AQ1200 AQ2140 AQ2150A AQ2200-136 AQ2200-215 AQ2200-221 AQ2200-271 AQ2200-311A AQ2200-331 AQ2200-421 AQ2200-601 AQ2200-641 AQ2201 AQ2202 AQ2212 AQ2735 AQ3150 AQ4212 AQ4320D AQ4321D AQ6140 AQ6141 AQ6151B AQ6315A AQ6315B AQ6315E AQ6317 AQ6317/B AQ6317B AQ6319 AQ6319A AQ6370 AQ6370B AQ6370C AQ6370D AQ7275 AQ7310 AQ8201-13B AQ8203 ATC-1400 AV2498A AWG70001B AWG70002A AX10 B1500A Bandwidth 20G BBS1550 Bristol 228 Bristol 428A Bristol 621B Butterfly wifi CG635 时钟发生器 Cisco N3K-C3064PQ-10GX CMA5000A CMW500 CS580 #直流#电流源 CSA8200 CSM-39100 CT-30 CTL100 D3186A DB64 延迟发生器 DGM-32XR-DMD DOP-101 DOP-201 DORC ZX1 DPO7054 DSA72004 dsa8000 DSA8200 DSA8300 DSO80304B DSO9404A E3610A E3614A E3620A E3630A E3631A E3640A E3646A E3647A E3648A E4425B E4440A E4805B E4805B E4805B 6106B86106B价格86106B提示词"86106B"

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